Does anyone know why my front indicators are permanently on with my new Msx uk...


Does anyone know why my front indicators are permanently on with my new Msx uk spec ?

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  • All MSXs do it. Meant to be a safety feature...but I find it did the complete opposite. Cut the wire with the tracer to stop it

  • It is a safety feature as my headlight keeps packing up so you need these to be seen

  • Thanks everyone, phoned the dealer, euro 4 compliant, the Africa twins have it too.

  • Headlight packing up ?

  • Yep. Stall it and it goes off but lately just doesn't start. Didn't work at all yesterday

  • Ian have you had it back to the dealers ?

  • Not yet. It was to intermittent and they are a long way away so wasn't going to bother till it got worse.

  • It's a feature there's nothing wrong with them they are all like that :)

  • Ian I'd noticed you'd wrapped the forks mate so maybe somethings loose ? Did you take the headlight off before it started happening ?

  • Its a feature not a bug :p

  • You could just change them for smoked lenses, dual orange/white leds and the relay.

  • I wrapped them in the bike so didn't disturb the light but I have had it off and unplugged and back on to see if it would help and for a few days it seemed to fix it but now it's not working again. I think it might be happening when it's wet so will see how I go with that idea. I wonder if there is a relay that works it and tells it when to switch on and off so may need to unplug that.

  • Ian as you say water could cause, also a slightly loose connection as these vibrate quite a bit. I've used acf50 on electrical connectors in the past over winter as it repels water, also covering them in a plastic sleeve and wrapping both ends, really you should get it in at the dealers when you can but at least notify them.

  • I have done the exact same as Philip! Much better than having running orange DRLs lol

  • If they go wrong everybody thinks youre turning and pulls out on you :(

  • It must be a transformer......