Does anyone on here use a tank bag for longer trips. If so what brand is best

Does anyone on here use a tank bag for longer trips ? If so what brand is best ? All opinions and pics welcomed. cheers

  • Bagster is really nice but oxford will do as well :-)

  • I have a Hein Gerrike faultless....magnetic base...hangs on well

  • had a few, gericke was nice

  • Using a medium sized oxford tankbag. Very good. Side pockets, map pocket. Detachable base with another map pocket. This allows you to use the base as a map pocket without the bag. When the base is detached the bag has rucksack straps & is very light without the magnets. All waterproof so no cover required. Had other bags in the past. All similar & perform well. All down to personal preference & budget.

  • When Hesse bags are on and full do they worry your riding position on the bike at all. I have never had one but can see the benefits

  • Mag tank bag no problem. Had a 2 tier bag years ago. Very tall when full, but usable. Made a good chest pad on long journeys. A pain to fix on the bike, so changed to mag mount & throw over panniers

  • Yes I have seen some of them and it looks like the rider is struggling big time over the height, hence my question. So they all vary in height, what they offer etc?

  • The 2 tier bag could be separated. Very practical, loads of pockets & waterproof cover. They always look too big on the bike. But reality even the tallest is ok. Some mates won't use any. I didn't mind them myself. I just needed to carry more luggage. So once i had panniers i used tankbag for documents & valuables, as it was easy to keep bag with me

  • let me know if you get up to queensland bro,kiwi born,and just spent the last year in north otago.can discuss crusaders/chiefs semi final lol

  • Cheers for the input guys, off to the bike shop to check a few out to see how they size up. I particularly like the sound of the back pack idea.