• Does anyone use the Idling stop system and do they think it reduces their feul...

    Does anyone use the Idling stop system and do they think it reduces their feul consumption. I personally don't think it makes much difference. Firstly I rode my bike with a full tank without the Idling stop system and got about 265miles I refilled tank and turned on the Idling stop system and got about the same mileage.. Whats your views on it.

    • I liked the idea of the idling stop system but gave it up as a bad job when I ended up with a flat battery before Christmas.

    • No difference here had it on my sh as well I found it very unnerving at junctions

    • I have never used mine on Forza. And my current pcx. My previous pcx I did not put on and did500 miles in one week and the second week I did same mileage with the stop start on no difference at all. When I pick up my second pcx up from the dealer he was telling me about the stop start how good it is and replied it is useless no difference on or off and so never used on second pcx or Forza

    • I forgot add if u have it and it cuts out and if u got right leg down first then put ur left leg down and catch side stand it cut the engine so u can not twist the throttle to start u have to turn key off then on again to switch on engine I no I have don't it a few times.

    • Err done that when parking up

    • Same

    • I have to agree with all above unless you have a nice V8 what's the point !

    • I use mine all the time, never had a problem with the battery.....mind if there's no difference in economy why bother lol

    • I like it because just for a few seconds you can hear the sounds of the town, music in cars people talking even birds singing it puts a different aspect on things.

    • Interesting that one, however this must save on battery power particularly on short stop /start journeys?

      Take care

    • I use mine all the time, i run the heated grips and do an 8 mile round trip, does not effect the battery at all. I did think there was something wrong with it, until i bothered to read the manual and find out it only works when the bike is warm. Looking at the bigger picture, if every vehicle had stop start technology all the pollution millions of piston engined vehicles would cut down in the world. I would suggest it does make a difference on a personal level if one rides in a city a lot, but were not talking 10 mpg more, more like 5 mpg if you constantly riding in Brighton or London, i would suggest the more you ride in the city the more you save.

    • Most of all it's a question of not polluting when stop

    • Stop start system to me is just a gimmick, it is not a polluting system it is system where it is suppose to save u fuel around town and it does not work .