Does my grom have the tick already


Does my grom have the tick already ?

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  • How often isit on the back wheel?

  • That's the valves sounds completely normal

  • Sounds absolutely fine to me. In fact it sounds like it's running sweet

  • Cool just me being paranoid then lol

  • Not much buddy it's my first bike can only pop it up and coast for a few seconds

  • Then u dont need 2 worry fella

  • If that ticking gets a little lounder and increases in tempo relative to revs under load what could it be besides valves needing readjustment. Keep in mind I just did an 8000km trip through outback Australia on mine

  • It Would be your top end the piston would be scored I think

  • Oh don't say that to me. I sincerely hope not. Is it really a problem though. Grom still runs fine and last 1000km of trip back home it had that louder ticking noise but still powered along faultlessly

  • Yeah it will still ride fine I'll find a post in a sec and tag you

  • Oh thank you

  • I can't find the post dude sorry

  • Sounds normal man that's just valves. Check clearances every 500 miles to keep noise to minimal and keep valves within spec. You'll know when ur pistons going

  • Did you you change your oil halfway through your trip? that's a long way on a just a quarter of oil

  • Long wheelies kill the piston from starvation as I'm sure you're aware. 45 degree wheelies still allow for some oil flow for a little if ur chasing em out. That's usually what I do or keep the wheelies at or past balance short. I'm used to bikes with way more power anyways so haven't quite got on the level of some other riders on their groms/msx

  • Yeah I shouldnt have a problem with that for a while I don't do no 12 o'clock 2 minute wheelies 'yet' lol I'll get there 1 day can wheelie a mountain bike for miles only had my bike 5 month and I'm getting there slowly but surely haven't come off 'yet' either lol

  • I was checking my oil levels daily., So every 500-800km. Some days in the outback heat it would use about 100ml of oil, some days nothing. I was purposely running slightly thicker 20w/50 oil (still genuine honda gn4 oil) and the hotter spark plug as recommended by by the mechanics at my local honda dealer and in the manual. Half way through the trip in cairns it was booked in for its 12000km log book service at cairns honda motorcycles where the oil spinner and filter screen was cleaned up and valves were checked too

  • Might do some vids and post em up soon

  • Hmm seems like youve done everthing right do you have a video of the noise?

  • Not on me, I'm at work. But it sounds very similar at idle to the one posted in this discussion.

    It's due for its next log book service now so when it goes to the local honda dealer I'll inform them and hope a simple valve adjustment makes it all ok. If not, well it's on 18000km but the bike is only 8 months old and still under warranty so let them and honda motorcycles Australia sort it all out

  • 'Cos race bike.

  • That's all normal what you can hear is the piston going up and down nothing To worry about :)

  • Dude. It's a 9bhp single cylinder air cooled monster. You could ride it on the red line all day up a hill and it wouldn't miss a beat. The engine is nigh on bullet proof.

    It WILL tick. It WILL pop from time to time.

    It's fine.

    You only need to worry when you start messing with internals, running shit fuel, servicing it with sub par or discount oil or keep he front end skywards for 100's of yards.

    :) you'll be fine.

  • I do redline the shit out of it and it's my first ever bike so was a bit unsure, cheers dude