Does someone here know about where can i get a tree clamp conversion for...


Does someone here know about where can i get a tree clamp conversion for inverted forks on a 350X??

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  • 350X front hub and axle doesnt work?

  • A 350X axle is exactly the same as a 250r. The R hub offset is better as the rotor adapter can be made thicker.

  • Which forks is better to use?

  • CR125 forks are the cheapest, and if you plan on shortening them for a 250r, they are the easiest to shorten. They are all over Ebay every day. I'm 90 percent sure that 02-08 CRF450 fork tubes are the same diameter at the clamping surface as 2000-2007 CR125 forks. So if you are running them full length you have a lot of choices. If anyone has a 02-08 CRF450, or CRF250 maybe you could let me know if the forks are 2.082 at the top, and 2.300 at the bottom clamping surfaces.

    We have 1996 CR250 forks on our 86 ATC250R, in the picture above, and with a simple oil weight change, they have taken Everything we have thrown at them!! And let me be honest, they have had it Rough LOL..

  • I've seen those forks in action at Unadilla if thats the one Jacob rode? He was a jumping fool lol

  • Yes, that's the one he rode at Unadilla. They got a workout there and at Trikefest this year :)

  • Yea man, saw the pics from ttikefest

  • i got a sett of forks off a 05 ktm 450sx and the front brembo caliper can u do a thripple to any size fork or just the cr right now

  • Without the forks there is no way I can get hub spacers and rotor adapter just right. I can make those parts wider than they need to be, and you could fit those yourself. Otherwise I would need the forks.

  • Me and my partner run a cnc and machine shop also have cnc ibthe base ment. Can you give me some of the trikes to build this kit. Like measurements.