Does the biffer suffer from gear box issues


Does the biffer suffer from gear box issues

Fully serviced the other day after having problems selecting gears sometimes

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  • I had trouble selecting 2nd. All i did was take all the linkage apart and clean and a dab of grease. Worked a treat after that.

  • It's my first thing on my to do list tomorrow

  • Yes, chances are it's the lever. Biffers are not known for gearbox issues (in fact, I've never heard of any)

  • Yep,get some grease in there.

  • Have a look at where the gear change shaft goes into the box, if its anything like mine the bearing will be worn n floppy, saying that though, mine still changes ok

  • Just grease it all up, check chain tension too

  • Check the chains been adjusted properly

  • Chain is spot guys that's why scratching my head as it started before I adjusted the chain an did service but I'll sort it

  • Just cleaned and RE greased all pivots an it seems to of cured it so we'lol see tomorrow

    I've also noticed I've slightly over filled with oil when I serviced her the other day it's not by masses as its a 4ltr bottle an there's about 350ml. Left in the bottom shall I just leave it or shall I drain until it hits the max mark worth bearing in mind I. Did an oil an filter change an left it to draw. Over night so will it of bin over filled by much my feelings tell me not

  • Get a small bit of tubing and start sucking or very very carefully take the sump plug out again, I normally only get just over 3l with a filter change

  • I was a just under a 100mls over mate just done it now which is OK no harm done I spose

  • You should be fine now

  • Too much oil can increase stress and pressure build up