Does the power for the headlight come from the yellow wire coming from the...

Does the power for the headlight come from the yellow wire coming from the regulator? My headlight doesn't come on sometimes either low or high beam. It will then come on about 15 seconds later or when I rev the motor. I should have power all the time at the yellow wire going into the headlight switch correct? When the ignition is on.

  • So the power comes from the black wire into the switch?

  • I need a bigger screen to confirm. I'll take a closer look at work.

  • Ok thanks john

  • Make sure you are working with a good battery. If the battery is on its way out a lot of weird little problems start occurring.

  • The battery is good. I think it must be a bad connection or a bad switch.

  • This doesn't look exactly like a CB450 wiring diagram. I preach the usefulness of a Multimeter. The black wire in this case is to throw the starter solenoid.

  • John Douglas Earl you are right it has an oil pressure switch. Can't be a 450. I did a Google search and that's what came up. I think I know where to go from here.

  • Have you done that wiring mod so battery is fully charging all the time, not just when on high beam?

  • No Glenn, how do you do it.

  • I'd have to do out the info again to be exact. But you simply join the yellow/white and yellow wires in the headlight shell. This bypasses the high beam switch and allows full stator current to battery at all times....not just when on high beam.

  • Thanks, looks easy enough.