Don t know my bikes but I do know cars Just bought a 98 vtr and itwould slip...


Don't know my bikes but I do know cars. Just bought a 98 vtr and itwould slip out of second. Too it to albins Honda i showed up while it was apart and could see nothing wrong with 2nd gear. mechanic agreed but said fork should be replaced anyways just in case its bent a little. (said problem was missing washers someone had it apart before) then he got it back together and says it still slipps so it's got a be the drum? What is he talking about how much should parts cost? He's saying job is now $1300 I'm thinking I could but a new engine and tranny for that, sound fishy to any1 or am I just crazy?

Again not a motorcycle mechanic but I do all the work on my cars so I do understand mechanics just haven't got into bikes. Next time I'm tackeling the job myself.

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  • too late now the bill is already $800 now i cant say oh scratch that just get a new engine.

  • thats what im thinking pistons and cams im all set maybe ill just tear it down this winter, learn myself something, bore her out and do a rebuild. still havent got the chance to see what the old girl can do and i want to make her faster.

  • all in all next bike if there's tranny problems ill be doing the work myself lol.

  • Best get it running reliably first - sort out manual CCTs and R/R. Invest in front springs and rear shock for better handling to go quicker before costly engine performance mods (hint a lot of tried & tested IL4 tuning mods don't work so effectively on the V2 VTR). It's mostly about riding the torque wave on the VTR than outright horsies...

  • not sure what your talking about but okay.

    Ccts, and RR? I'll learn shortly I'm sure

  • CCT = Cam Chain Tensioners (OEM autos prone to implode) & R/R = Regulator / Rectumfrier

  • Shit?

  • Probably not the drum, either worn dog faces or forks, get a second hand gearbox, or replace second gear and the fork.

  • Replaced the fork 2ndgear is fine

  • Dogfaces are what? Sorry.

  • .... My Google results.

  • Engagement dogs on the gears the bits that engage so the gears mesh lol

  • Honestly he's not doing you bad on pricing but what kind of dealership have you taken it to, the entire bike has to come apart and once the engine is out then tearing the engine Dow. To get to the trans as its all in one case

  • I'm a certified Honda motorsports powerhouse tech and I'm telling yah it's no small task

  • Yeah I would hope no small task at $1300 but it's been almost 2months I could have done it by now. Lol I took it to a Honda dealer.

  • Holly hell 2 months!!!! I'm with a power house dealer in central Ohio and man even right now we're at a week or so out " diag " 2-3 days for parts to arrive and another week max to get around to installing said parts

  • Well next time I'll probably just look you up if I don't want to tackle it. That would be a good ride.