• Dont you love the storms ability to throw you into a tank slapper when you hit...

    Dont you love the storms ability to throw you into a tank slapper when you hit a blade of grass!

    Steering damper needed!

    • Fair enough just always good practice to know what your starting with

    • But since the last the MOT the wheel bearings have failed....So the linkage bearings will be alright then will they ?

    • didnt say they would be, why so much hostility?

    • Take the whole bike the bits just to be sure its all there mate ye canny be to careful these days what with health safety and what ave ye ?

    • No hostility mate just you have fools not giving you the right advice and info. Have a read about seized linkages and make up your own mind. While you have the wheel off why not check it?

    • Yawn

    • Aye dinny listen tae ae fools.... ye ken ae fools rush in wer hero.s fear ae tread an aw at ... aye check ae links an check again ye kin nefer be too careful .... ah know its sed in certain circles at bikes are dangerous killers an if ye canny stand ae heat en get yer grannys knickers on and knitting needles out ... but dont listen tae ae sort just check links man ...be safe

    • leave them to it John, but when their rear shock snaps in half because of a seized rear linkage, because it gets dried out by it's close proximity to the rear header pipe, if you think i'm making this up, just as Jamie Hazelton. whatever happens enjoy your bike Paul Goodburn

    • woah why am i getting lectured and moaned at to check stuff ive not said if i will or will not be doing them, i only asked for advice and stated the rear bearings are knackered

    • no lecturing mate, if anything we just want to make you aware of one of the bikes issues, at the end of the day your a grown man and you do what ever you want, as I said, enjoy your bike, it's there to put a smile on your face

    • Zelfs ik als Nederlander typ beter Engels

    • Ahm nawt ingleesh as ae French say... No I'm Scottish so don't like tae speek ae English

    • In my head i try to speak it like you write it! Looks scottish to me