Dropped my bike last week I left school when the sun was setting and I got...

Dropped my bike last week. I left school when the sun was setting and I got home when it was just turning dark, so I missed a patch of sand right at the entrance to my apartment complex (had my sunglasses on).

I'm fine and so is the bike- minus some cosmetic issues. I was replacing the front headlight that busted with a used one from ebay when I noticed my rim is bent. Totally bummed me out until i found a replacement rim on ebay for 40 bucks shipped!

Ya'll think its ok to ride on it for a few days until the rim comes?

I really love how cheap it can be to get replacement parts and I am SO glad I got a used, beat up Magna for my first bike :)

  • why not tap it back in gently with a hammer?

  • Wouldn't recommend it. The rim looks cracked on the right side of the bend.

    Better safe then sorry. I'd wait for the new rim and get it right before the next ride.

  • thats not a crack....but i agree.....better safe then sorry

  • My 83 v65 had a dent alot worse then that..my uncle bought the bike new and with in first year hit a Pennsylvania pot hole and banged the rim..he rode the bike like that till 95 and I took over the bike till 04 and never had a problem

  • Wow Gabe, amazing it held together... like mine after a fall. Never know what you might miss after, when you a trying to bring it back from the damaged condition. Yeah I still have mine like this, but yours is worse, Id say! No longer balanced anymore from the shift of metal down. Plus yours is bigger then my 110x90x18.