Drove my last route this year old timer tax forbids you to ride in December...


Drove my last route this year (old-timer tax forbids you to ride in December, January and February), went to the Ardennes in Belgium and enjoyed the great autumn weather.

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  • Hope you enjoyed your ride Rob , is that really true about old timer restriction ? What age does that start

  • formal 40 years or older. However it used to be 30 years. So between 30 and 40 is partly lower tax. But to avoid fraude and drive and oldtimer for regular use you may not use them in those three months.

  • Ah I see good job doesn't happen in England as I don't drive only ride and all my bikes are 35 + years old

  • I pay only 26euro/yr roadtax, so that is very affordable.

  • To me that seems like a strange tax law. We pay year round for insurance, and your sticker is valid for the whole year until due for renewal in Canada... no matter the weather. It doesn't matter what bike or year it is. You can ride if you feel like you can. Minus 5 sucks and colder is worse though.

  • believe me we have got a lot off strange laws :-)

  • Well at least road tax is cheap enough it's about £80 a year here now

  • Rob, mogen jullie niet rijden in deze maanden of wat? Is dit in Nederland?

  • I pay 35€ for one year in Belgium Grant

  • Guy Tahir that sounds reasanable it costs me £38 for my little 200 Suzuki

  • Als je gebruikt maakt van de oldtimer belasting regeling niet, maar dat staat je vrij. Scheelt echter veel geld en in de regel rijd je in die maanden toch niet.