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  • I got all of my upgrades for the bike of eBay

  • Dougie, where did you get the fender extender, rear hugger & radiator cover from? Were they easy to fit? Hope you don't mind me asking. Cheers.

  • eBay n yes they were , the radiator cover had to be altered coz the holes didn't match , hope this helps

  • The paintwork is also verry interesting. How have you got all these drops on your bike? Is it a air brush? Nice rain shower stile.

  • Can anyone suggest a way of cleaning a radiator & please no suggestions on high pressure washing?

  • Good scottish rain Karl lol

  • Might try that in a few months time, Duggie.

  • If you do hope it's a dry one for you

  • How did it go fitting it ?

  • That's good , I had a look at a few n that's one was my favorite , had a wee prob with bottom brkts matching up