Duggie Heminsley shared Lothians & Scottish Borders Police Division's photo to the group: Honda CBF1000 Owners Club.


Beware if any of you are in the borders of Scotland

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  • I hope they pay as much attention to motorists using mobiles, they kill at any speed!

  • They are paying ALL their attention on the other motorists Ken since we know that bikers never break the law.....

    This is why they do not look at us as I am sure that you like me are squeaky clean

  • Well I've never seen a biker texting whilst riding Steve, but I see at least 2 car drivers doing so daily on my commute, and if I drive into Newcastle I lose count - my best ever was a car driver typing on a laptop balanced on his steering wheel whilst driving through the Tyne Tunnel, and of all the days for a patrol car to be sitting in the next layby that was it - he was off like a shot after him.

  • That's what I mean Ken......we never ever break the law and it showed in your story the police were on the look out for car drivers who are breaking it

  • I have

  • I have in the UK, chav on an illegal scrambler on the road.

  • I am visiting the colonies tomorrow Duggie... Glasgow airport .. Thanks for the heads up I will keep my eyes peeled but a diesel people carrier may not attract attention

  • I am with a party of 20 bikes going from the ferry at Cairnryan to Falkirk, useful information to have - thanks.

  • Watch the speed cameras on the 77 average speed some are front and rear

  • Aye er pure cunts total cunts jist ae other night the cunts wer tucked in on a carriegway near wer a live an me n ae mate are whoring along about 130 or so fortunately we wer in the oppisite carriegway lol ...fkn disgusting robbing bastard cunts at ae ur .

  • Thank feck ye wurnae too far over the limit eh

  • Aye ah know thats why i sold the blackbird and bought cbf in an attempt to ride a more moderate speeds

  • But the CBF can go some too.....very underrated bike

  • Yes its very fast and handles really like it but the blackbird was sometime seeing 175 on clocks so it had to go before i did

  • Yep my Bro told me about The Blackbird being rapid

  • At least sometimes on cbf you can sit and relax and not allways feel the need to push on .

  • Floyd.....Your language has had me in creases...I think the scots and the irish have turned swearing into an art form....Please comment on more posts ;-)

  • Aye sumtimes ah dae firget ahm nawt oan a solely local site an start tawkin aw ae scottish pish likiss lol

  • I was up in the colonies yesterday...a small settlement called Glasgow...took me nearly 2 hours to get pas the place on a whore of a road called the M8

  • Well im in greenock bout 25mls south of glesga as we say aye an the m8 is wan fkn cunt of ah rd allways at a bloody standstill its ok if yer oan the bike and then can filter at about 65 ha ha but in the car its a fkn nightmare

  • Dreadful language Floyd should be ashamed