• Dumb question again looking for a luggage rack for my 1100 aero will a 1100...

    Dumb question again: looking for a luggage rack for my 1100 aero, will a 1100 spirit part fit? Or is it aero only? ....the more i search the more i think the 1100 aero isnt a bike for me, i dunno

    • I know the frustration of looking for parts for my 2000,1100 aero great ride but hell to find parts

    • Are you looking for the one that mounts to the sissy bar? I have one I could sell. PM me if you're interested.

    • Pm sent

    • My 99 aero 1100 has a rack. I don't know who makes it. Maybe one of you guys can help ID it and it could help the OP with his search. I will add that it's tough as nails. I use my rack to drag my bike sideways into a spot at the front if my parking stall.

    • Sissie bar mount is way different than mine is

    • Pictures?

    • Is that a leather inlay on the vertical support. It looks pretty cool.

    • No that is my old arm/leg band i wear during a PGR mission.