• Dumb question time guys and girls is chain cleaner bad for rims If you get...

    Dumb question time guys and girls, is chain cleaner bad for rims? If you get some on the rim when cleaning the chain do you have to wash it off or just need to wipe it off with a cloth?

    • I use WD-40 to clean my chain and rim

    • Just take the chain off and soak in diesel

    • I use chain cleaner to get all the dirt and grease off my rear wheel. Hasn't caused an issue! Traditional wheel cleaner is generally a lot harsher than chain cleaner./

    • Coolio, cheers guys I wasn't sure and noticed that the small amount I got on had lifted the grease rather nicely, if it's safe I'll start using to clean the back wheel as it comes up great

    • Always give the disk a quick hit with brake cleaner and a rag once you're finished too, just incase anything gets onto it.

    • Cheers for the heads up Toby