EBC or Galfer discs


EBC or Galfer discs?

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  • EBC imo

  • Postage on the galfur?

  • I really like the oversize EBC

  • Pic was just an example mate. Won't the be buying it there

  • Get it then. You only live once!

  • Fair play Bro... Was guna say

  • If u get wavey ebc I have a front 1 for sale 200miles on it. So basically new

  • I have this, it's good

  • Where you get it from?

  • Do you need a special bracket for it?

  • Work lol. Comes with the disk and calliper mount

  • Can you get them in?

  • Second the EBC oversize. Might be hard to get hold of one now. Kit includes the disk and adapter, just need disk bolts.

  • Whys that Toby? They been discontinued?

  • Ebc ran out of mounts but I'll find out today if they're back in stock

  • Just received these in the post this morning, gonna go with EBC rotors too. Can get the oversized front rotor too.

    Before anyone says it ..... yes they are original

  • As Josh said, issues supplying the brackets. When I spoke to the tech department at EBC the guy said they were trying to move production of the bracket to the UK, but it's such a small number being produced it wouldn't be a fast move. If you can find a disk you could do a radial caliper conversion and space it out to suit.

  • I cba with all that. Just want to be able to bolt it all on Toby. Prob just go for Galfer then

  • I've got the galfer on the front of mine with 4 piston caliper. Hell of a lot more feel and power

  • But are they original Kevin?

  • I only do fakes.

  • Karl JB these are 100% genuine copies

  • Galfer all the way I can them a little bit cheaper too

  • What's a front & rear cost?

  • Do you need the brake pads as well?

  • Yeah please

  • Rear pads £16.20, front pads £22.50, rear disc £46.80, front disc £42.30 that's all inc.VAT all in is £127.80, all in on original price before discount £142inc.VAT I can get them in 2-3 working days, would you need disc bolts?

  • Yes please on the disc bolts buddy. Do they fit standard caliper?

  • I've got the Area 22 floating front disc.. Works a treat

  • Yep no changes needed as they say bolt on and play, discs bolt have got the parts catalogue as I'm not at work, with the 10% shouldn't be anymore then £10 worse case £15

  • Haven't*

  • How much u wanting

  • 33delivered

  • Yep thats mine haha

    Put my name on it n inbox me ur details buddy

  • Beware though that the area 22 doesn't work with a Brembo 4 pot caliper. It catches on the rings.

  • Good to know. I'm looking at going Brembo when I can afford to... Would it work with the 2 pot caliper do you know?

  • I think it will be fine but Not 100% Charlie. I only know the 4 pot does as that's what I had on when I tried fitting it. Bought a galfer wavy and it works fine with the 4 pot

  • Ah ok cool. Cheers for the info. I'll look into it before going Brembo

  • Is this the same price to anyone or just our leader! Lol

  • Anyone

  • Message me Alexander Prudent