Emanuel Barb shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.


  • I know but if it means using asda fuel then... its worth it!

  • Id be locking my steering even when filling up. Makes it a little more difficult to run off with then

  • Like I said previously Fay, So chuffed you got it back pal, I know with working in Leith (Towing the cars lol) how much crime related Bike thefts there is in Edinburgh now and I've witnessed them umpteen times riding with just their Hoodies pulled up over their faces sometimes as many as 3 of them at a time on the Bikes. They don't bother about Traffic Direction/Lights/pedestrians etc their just all hiked up and don't bother. But, on the occasions they fall off/ crash and are seriously injured or killed which as you know has happened on a few occasions . They get a write up in the papers making them out to be a model scholar who was loved by everyone who met them. Punish the parents if they get caught and make them pay for the damages incurred. Wee Toerags make me mad. ..... Sorry but Rant over.

  • Oh shit Fay when was this? :O

  • Last Tuesday Jack.. Edinburgh is verging on being as bad as London with bike theft. Its brutal :/

  • Lucky you got it back!

  • Yeah.. ive got a good set of friends.

  • After running after them did you return and pay for the fuel?

  • I actually had already typed my pin.. i returned to him standing holding my card wrapped in the reciept

  • Atleast they didnt burn it out like mine