• Engine is on 2750 2800 miles stock apart from 428 chain conversion and slip on...

    Engine is on 2750-2800 miles, stock apart from 428 chain conversion and slip on end can, never really push the revs to high and engine is sounding rough+tappy but second service was done by the dealership i bought it from at 2500 miles which didn't help a thing, anyone have any ideas what it could be?

    • Check the valves mate

    • thought they'd of done that on the service, only had it just over 250 miles ago

    • Take it back to dealership.

    • i think i will, it didnt feel or sound any different to when i took it in and got it back and was only like 250 miles ago

    • I'm booking mine into get valves done as well

    • shouldn't they of done the valves when i took it in?

    • Yes, valve clearances should be checked/adjusted every service

    • Should be yeah.....

    • If they adjusted it wrong, that could cause a tap