• Even the cat likes to ride

    Even the cat likes to ride.

    • Was painted last winter. removed decals and never replaced them.

    • looks great

    • Thank you for the link @ Mike Towns

    • Looks great without the decals, It has a cleaner look about it without them.

    • ...same here

    • My helper

    • Bet that bike purrrrrrss.lol

    • I love Cats, The're so Cool.

    • Not to change the subject, but does anyone here know what makes "Cats so Cool"? This is good. Everyone will like this. Tune in tomarrow for the answer. :-)

    • their fans?

    • "Cats"..... The mental difference of "Dogs and Cats".....> Dogs have "Masters". ........... Cats have.......Staff. "Cats are Cool"