Evening all Does anybody have a zero gravity or mra touring screen on their...


Evening all! Does anybody have a zero gravity or mra touring screen on their storm? If so can you show a pic? I need to see what it looks like on the bike before I take the plunge!

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  • Not a MRA touring screen but a double bubble. Works a treat for me.

  • Mine is kind of double bubble and its fine for my 5'7" frame...

    Anything over 120 and i do tuck in a bit

  • I have a double bubble and I'm 5ft 6 and it's absolute shit! Straight to the helmet!

  • You must be riding in the wrong wind

  • I'm 5ft 9" and it's fine with me, maybe it's your lid?

  • First thing I fitted on my storm in 2001 was a flip screen.

  • MRA touring screen

  • What's the name of this brand and does it keep the wind off your lid?!

  • Still going strong a few years back...

  • I like the look of the mra. Does it fully keep the wind off your head?

  • Never tried it out properly... switched it for a db screen straight after buying the bike because I wasn't fussed on the look. Lent it to a mate a few months back who was taking his storm over to and around Spain. He'll be able to give you a better opinion.. Mark whats the mra screen like?

  • Got if from M&P cost about £40. On my first test ride many moons ago I found the standard screen deflected wind on chest - so fitted this for high speed touring and makes life at 85+ much more comfy. Just need to slightly duck down / tuck in and air flows over the top. (I'm 5' 10").

  • The Chinese double bubble ones do but not the Zero Gravity double bubble.

  • MRA all the way! Especially when going whoosh. Rode around Spain with Martin Vtr and others, this screen was great to hide behind when chocking on a bit. Highly recommended!

    Best screen for long rides, touring, etc.