Evening all Does anyone know if the services have to be done at a Honda garage...

Evening all, Does anyone know if the services have to be done at a Honda garage or can they be done by any bike shop? I've had such appalling service by a Honda garage today when I rung them about my broken heated grips I really don't want to give them any more of my business unless I have to. Thanks.

  • It's a warranty that most of us only having to take it to our Honda dealers. If it wasn't for that then I know where I would go.

  • Is there a certain amount of the services that have to be done by Honda or do they all have to be done by them do you know Evgenij Lichogrud?

  • Once your two year warranty is expired then you can get it done anywhere really. However to keep it Honda dealers must complete each service to Honda specifications. Which in most cases they don't care about. Because unlike car garages there aren't that many just odd bike garages about. You don't see a Peugeot in the BMW garage but you may see a Harley in the Honda garage etc. It's just an opportunist thing, how to rob you of your cash with as little as possible being done to the correct speck. I know that first hand. I was sold a bike with heated grips set but to save time fitting it they just chopped part of the loom and spliced it elsewhere where. Basically completely ignoring supplied instructions produced by Honda. Why take two-three hours doing a job if it can be bodged in under 30 minutes and hope that the new owner is a complete idiot.

  • Ryan Kintas certainly!!!!!! Never ever again!!!! I swear!!!!!

  • My Oxford heated grips have broken and I was never given the guarantee or receipt for them separately, they were all just on my sales invoice. Honda despite selling and fitting them don't want to know. They service guys are always so rude and unhelpful too. I hate that I'm going to have to go back to them :-(

  • Ryan Kintas oh and I'm not the only one to suffer from they crippled growing out of the arse hands.

  • Ok if your grips aren't Honda product then take your sales receipt for the bike etc and go to the nearest best garage that does sell and fit them, you might be in luck. If it was a Honda item then any Honda dealer should have no questions to at least test them and then replace if they are toast.

  • Thanks Evgenij Lichogrud. We are dealing direct with Oxford now but it was the rudeness of the people there and the not wanting to help or give advice that pissed me off

  • Commonly is the case, especially if you are female. My other half and I done a test. Went in to the local garage to get a quote for her car fixed. She gone in and got one price, I went in and got an £82 lower one. Same reason, identical cars but two different reg plates just to make it little bit more interesting.

  • Sorry to add but this statement is incorrect, It doesn't have to be carried out by a Honda dealer. Just has to be genuine parts and done by a 'capable' person (Hondas words)

  • Thanks Joel Street. We have a pretty reputable scooter shop near us, I think I'll give them a call when the next service is due and see what they say - I loathe to give honda Farnham any more of my money. Its a shame because where I bought the bike - Chichester Honda were lovely people but they went into liquidation.

  • Hi, I'm a Honda technician. So I don't want to get involved in running down other places. But I am aware of different quality of work throughout the trade

  • I wouldn't expect you to Joel Street, I was just giving my opinion as a customer :-)

  • If your ever in the Bournemouth area be sure to pop in. I can assure you won't be disappointed by the service

  • Joel Street depending if you had that agreement in writing from your supplying dealer. I know of an instructor who has it and he bought his VFR from same dealer as me.

  • Joel Street where are working at if that's ok to ask?

  • It will be stated In your owners manual