Evening guys


Evening guys

Not a biffer matter but want to pick some brains

Mrs an I are gonna change the house hold car an are looking to go back to a van we are looking at a vw caddy up the road local to us an it's looks good an they've serviced it an done the clutch an fly wheel ready for sale.

My question is are they any good as an every day runner we used to have a T5 which we used for everything from motocross days to camping but don't want anything as big now the kids are growing up an it will eventually just be us.


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  • We use them on our fleet and they do get hammered daily. I would say they are adequate, brakes, turbos and ECU's being main problems we've had over past 4 years. We've recently had a new Vauxhall combo van, it's a much nicer drive, is bigger although is cheaper in places (only one catch on rear door vs 2 on the VW, and windscreen appears to crack easier) I would personally go new shape Vauxhall combo over the caddy as it's cheaper and is nicer. Hope this helps buddy

  • Why a van ?

  • Caddys are junk. Very noisy on the road too. I own a fleet of them. Make sure you know an auto electrician.....

  • He can get sheep in the back

  • We have a Peugeot 308 and afer 7years and 142000km allready happy with it. As our son has also a drivers license we need a second car. We decided this sommer, that 18years with Family car / dog transporter is enough and bought a 2012 Audi TT Roadster Quattro

  • The latest Vauxhall combo is in fact a rebadged fiat doblo, as the Mercedes citan is a Renault kangoo, All the manufacturers seem to share models.

  • Have you thought about a SUV or a people carrier ?

  • Had a cpl versions over the years the ford Galaxy an the espace an such I dunno why she wants another van its a mystery to me but she does lok

  • I have a kuga n when you fold the seats down have a good load space , could go camping in it

  • I like estate cars, had loads and currently have a mondeo which is massive and lovely to drive. A people carrier always looks as though the owner has given up on life... a bit like tartan slippers

  • Up you , nothing wrong with tartan slippers

  • Duggie you have obviously given up... I bet you have a pair of crocs too

  • John Peter Campey given up on what ?

  • Duggie maintaining your boyish good looks for starters

  • Don't have tartan slippers wouldn't mind a tartan throw for the bag of the car

  • Duggie same

    lump as ours, very impressed with how it goes.

  • Very good return on fuel for such a lump

  • Duggie I'm getting about 47 round town, it goes a bit too when you wind it up... I'm very impressed after 18months

  • Could get that too but a bit heavy footed at times

  • Duggie have you ever forgotten and tried to filter

  • Not got to that stage in life yet

  • When I drove buses I once stopped in my car at a bus stop and just looked disparagingly at the people stood waiting and wished they would just hurry up and get on instead of looking at me like I was some sort of nutcase

  • My old man done the same in the 60s in a mini