Evening guys


Evening guys

Any know the torque of sprocket nuts I changed mine to titanium I have nipped them up I wanna do it rite though

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  • I can't see it

  • Wrong one sorry

  • Thought I was being stupid lol

  • No just me unfortunately

  • 64nm it is seems too much but not arguing

  • Thanks James Poore

  • I know. I thought around 50 however it is single swing arm. The rear wheel nuts are 201. That's super tightened

  • As a technician in the trade things like this is a must in my book ! I couldn't wing it and think it will be ok

  • I know. I'm the same. For me it's not doing them up loose but too tight. I've stretched bolts before because I didn't have tourqe wrench. Needless to say they broke.

  • 64 Nm for the rear 54 Nm for the front...