Exactly how creushal is a vavle adjustment. how would i know if its needed

Exactly how creushal is a vavle adjustment? ... how would i know if its needed?

  • But do you think they would really be badly out of adjustment after only putting 70 miles on it from brand new? Just curious getting it done regardless

  • No ticks or sounds of any type runs like a champ

  • yes, very loose. almost every bike we do on a daily basis has very loose valves. rarely are they tight but that doe happen also. the first service is when the valves seat for the first time so they should be loose

  • what if the valve is tight Mike Miller there wont be any sound

  • No u can hear it for sure if its bad boy t getting it checked is never a negative maintenance is key to keeping these bikes goin

  • and being tight is when the real problems happen

  • Now would I loose a tiny bit of power if they where loose? Cause awhile ago I could wheely no prob an now not quite as much lol an yes I know I shouldn't be doing that so soon

  • It could have to do with the valves, you will lose a little bit if they are loose or tight, but it could also be a clutch adjustment...

  • which is also checked first service

  • Awesome will do sounds like thw shop will do me right