Exhaust has arrived. but I have various bits with no instructions


Exhaust has arrived.. but I have various bits with no instructions

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  • Pretty sure that's similar to how my Akra is connected.

  • I can't remember, pretty sure I had to put something on the bottom as well as on the top. I'm sure I had instructions. My bike is in the garage at the moment, so i can't check.

  • Here's mine for reference. Nothing in between the bracket on mine.

  • There does seem to be a gap between the hanger and exhaust. I'll have a go at removing the black spacer another day.

    It sounds amazing though!

  • Does it sound good? i was looking to get this exhaust Let me no please thanks

  • Sounds really good, cheap and quick next day delivery too

  • Sweet was that from ebay for £179?

  • It's slightly cheaper off their site 175.99

  • Ah ok thanks mate

  • Isit this one 270mm or the 350mm?

  • I went 270. 350 would be huge imo

  • Yeh that looks decent! im defo ganna get one.

  • Any video of how it sounds

  • type 'black widow' in the search box for this group and a few posts down, the videos I made.

  • Thanks I just saw it sounds pretty good for the price I wonder how much shipping is to the US