• FACT Chevy Silverado seats are 1 7 gazillion times more comfortable than...

    FACT......Chevy Silverado seats are 1.7 gazillion times more comfortable than Honda Shadow seats.....word.

    • Not when you have a mustang

    • In the past, I have always said that mustang seats are too big and really aren't the look that I am going for on my bike, but after riding 1000 miles to Daytona and back, I have to go with the same reality that I did with my windshield and sissy bar. Some things on a motorcycle are just necessities and people who really ride motorcycles recognize that!! That stock seat just isn't wide enough and feels like I'm riding a piece of pipe after a couple hundred miles. Need some support on the outside to hit the um....cushy part of my sizable posterior.

    • Everything that I've read seems to point to the fact that I can't go wrong with a mustang.

    • I love my mustang seats

    • Going to have to break down and get one. I ride my bike a lot. I'm all about looks, but I like to ride too much and that really doesn't look as bad as I was thinking. Thanks a lot for the pictures man. That helps a lot!

    • You won't regret it

    • Side view

    • I do upholstery for a living so i made my factory seat super comfortable

    • What did you do to it James? (Add/take away, materials used) Any suggestions?

    • My seat i eliminated the seam in the middle of where your tailbone goes, sanded .5 inch off the top because there is a hard skin on the foam whitch made the foam soft to sit on than used a very stretchy vinyl added a blue stitch for color as for my passenger seat i cupped out the tailbone area and added foam to the sides to make a small saddle... my wife loves her seat if only i could figure out an inexpensive way to move her feet forward and down she would be as comfortable as me

    • The key is to use a stretchy vinyl and do not glue it to the foam if you glue the vinyl to the foam it will take the stretch out of the vinyl and make your seat hard

    • Sounds good brother. I'll look into it. See what options I can come up with.