Failed MOT this morning 3 things 1 headlight adjustment which they will sort...

Failed MOT this morning. 3 things 1) headlight adjustment (which they will sort when I take it back for re-test) 2) rear hugger has a broken lug so not secure (failed as this is the chain guard) 3) sticking throttle. I can sort the rear hugger, but any advice on fixing the sticky throttle? Never been an issue while riding but it doesn't return when you release it after bliping the throttle, so it needs fixed. I've never adjusted throttle cables before, so not sure where to start...

  • if it is a push pull system it could be that one cable has snapped! otherwise remove the throttle clean and re-grease i would also check that the cables are not trapped anywhere

  • might just be the throttle grip catching the bar end, worth checking.

  • Just unscrew the 2 halves of the throttle housing and blather the internals in wd40.

  • Use ptfe spray instead of wd40

  • You need to take the airbox of the get access to the throttle body, check the spring on the cable holder is still there/not broken. Remove the return cable (you will need to remove a peice of the inner fairing the screw for this is located under the frame) and then adjust the pull cable with two 10mm spanners until the slack is taken up. Fine tune with n 8mm spanner at the throttle housing on the bars.

  • Is silicone lube ok for the cables?

  • For the actual cables my personal preference is no lube! It seems to only attract dirt. For the switchgears and moving parts ptfe is my go to as it fairs better with wet weather.

  • When you use non original Handle Bar Ends they could "clamp" it too

  • you never passed any of your tests at school matt

  • Check you have free play at grip. If it's too tight it will stop it returning properly.

  • Fixed it. Cleaned between tube and bar and put some 3 in 1 down the cables. Snaps back instantly now.

  • Just lube the tube. Mine does the same. Bit of silicone spray... I was at the track and failed scrutiny because of it and just used a bit of engine oil... Obviously not ideal.. But I'd say that's all it is.. Take the bar end and grip off and that should give to enough access to both ends to lube it... If not slide the tube off, too easy.