Farewell my friend


Farewell my friend!

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  • I'll miss my 250 Rebel, but it's really time to trade up.

  • Me too. It's going to someone who's learning so I'm happy about that

  • You ll miss it!!

  • I will. It has some a long way since I got it all beat up.. but it was just sitting around haven't rode it in ages

  • Ill soon get a bigger engine but wont sell my rebel.

  • Exactly!!! I have an 1100 Spirit, but I'm NOT selling my 450 Rebel. Lol

  • Well I got a shadow vlx600 last year and haven't rode this since.. then a trade came along and a xs400 will get more use then my old baby so

  • Don't ever sell your rebel because it will last forever.... The rebel will never leave you stranded

  • Funny but true! Lol

  • The rebel saved me because when the truck broke ...the rebel pulled big trailers without even trying....the rebel could do it because it is geared low...and when I drove from new Orleans to Pensacola Florida. ..didn't even run hot....you gotta Honda hit a home run when they created this two cylinder beast