Feels like Christmas


Feels like Christmas

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  • Is that 2 right side rear sets lol

  • Be interested to know if the footrests are lighter. What's for the Msx, or all cub stuff?

  • Loool seems so Dan Ben Harman :')

  • Fort so mate

  • Mostly cub stuff yeah got rearsets and the bore kit for the msx and some tyres as well but they are not worth showing :')

  • Show the tyres Tudor Toma haha

  • Just some city grips lol

  • Nooooo WTF we checked packets haha

    I'll check what I got in shop tomorrow morning

  • Oh

  • Haha saw you check them as well :')

  • Check the packs again lol

    Unless they were packaged wrong

  • Packaged wrong :')

  • Mofos haha

    Just hope I ain't been sent 4 rights

  • Oh god that would be bad :')

  • No big deal if they have I got another Honda order leaving next week

  • Aha yeah it's no worries it's no rush anyways :)

  • Not sure if that front brake will fit your cub mate

  • Also did u get the asv green levers or not

  • Will fit mate I have checked lol

  • Just some green CNC pit bike levers lil

  • Ahh they do the same but with asv written on them £24

  • Just looked they don't have stock of them in green anymore

  • Hahah

  • Yay! 3 months till Xmas .....

  • Was sent 3 rights one left DOH lol