Few more wiring questions about my 03 vt750dc

Few more wiring questions about my 03 vt750dc...

1. Is there a way to test the ignition control module that you know of?

2. Should I have constant power to the coils with key on and off, kill switch turned off to where the bike should start? Because I do...

3. When checking voltage at the starter switch, headlight off, coil wire reads 11.7v when switch is NOT pressed, and 12.2v when it IS pressed. Would this be normal? Starter solenoid wire reads 12.2v

  • When you turn the key on, you have power to the coil. When you press the starter button, it turns the headlight off and routes power to the starter and routes power to the fuel pump. When you release the start button, it cuts power to the starter motor and returns power to the headlight. The coils are hot with the key on. The lower voltage is because the headlight is robbing some of it. Sounds like everything is normal enough. The only way to really test the ICM is to take it off and take it to a dealer. What is the exact problem you are experiencing?

  • Well, I relocated the starter button, 2 pole, and new headlight switch. On off on. Kill switch removed and wires spliced together; kick stand or key is now my kill switch. Problem I'm having is, I had everything spliced up fine and working, bike would start and run. So, I soldered all connections, the exact same way they were spliced and tested, then as I finished, went to start it and nothing. Starter solenoid don't even click when button is pressed. All the wires are the exact same way they were before being soldered, just work start now

  • Ignition starter fuse is good and main 30a fuse is good. When jumping the starter solenoid, it cranks, but won't fire up. I need to put the gas tank back on and see if it will start up, but there should be enough gas in the lines to at least start up and then shut off but it wont

  • I know I'm getting power to the coils and power to the starter solenoid. I test voltage at the kill switch wires - blk/wht to coils and black to ICM, and have power there as well as the the starter button wires, blk/wht- coils/kill switch and then yellow/red starter solenoid. I'm just stumped as to what it is. I don't know if I'm missing a step somewhere, or what. I'm clueless as to why it worked fine being spliced, but then won't even crank once they were soldered

  • With the key on or off, I get power to both, the blk/wht wire for the coils, as well as the yellow/red wire for starter solenoid. Even with the headlight switch off, that wire read 11.7v, then when the button is pressed, it jumps to 12.2v

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