Finally got it can t wait to put it on


Finally got it can't wait to put it on

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  • I could do with one of them.

    I usually have to stand up when I need to fart.

  • Jonathan yeah mate put it on the NOI seat 2x comfort

  • That's alotta padding now :P Tudor

  • Aha yeah getting ready for some big trips in the summer gotta get that is comfort on point, now its awesome with the seat and the cover

  • I'm looking at a new seat, you could put a heater under that cover :P

  • Aha was thinking of putting more padding under the cover you know :'

  • Arrive back in stock tomorrow lol

  • Aha yeah Ben I thought you was only gonna get them after Christmas and I proper wanted one :')

  • 10 with me tomorrow or Friday lol

    No worries

  • Which seat do you have Tudor Toma?

  • NOI seat mate proper comfy

  • Cool, that's the one I have. Will look into that cover as I can't stand it after half an hour on it!

  • Ben Harman will have them in stock tomorrow :)

  • I would like one Ben Harman when they land... :)

  • Will let you know Gary :)