Finally got my hands on Tyga s new system


Finally got my hands on Tyga's new system

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  • Joseph Romeo IV Patrick Romeo

  • Bad ass pipe...where's the carb hole... oh wait... never mind

  • Is this for the 2016 model? What does it look like installed?

  • Fits both msx bikes

  • Lee Cairns would the short one fit with my fairing kit!,?

  • How does she sound?

  • Rob Cromack

    There is no difference in size to long or short

    I'm not sure if it will fit. It won't go past my bellypan

  • That's sucks :(

  • I just don't like low exhausts. It leaves this weird empty gap between the seat and rear tire.

  • I like the gap tbh

  • Thats why Grom is great for everyone. You get to customize for fun without the racers and speed buffs trying to tell you what to do.

  • cant wait to get my grom sf in august

  • Cheers - Thanks. Looks cool :)

  • What's it sound like

  • I've put a video up

  • Yeah just found it sounds awsome think I am gunna have to fit one on the sf

  • Send me the video jack. I can't find it.

  • paul from tyga uploaded this one while ago