• Finally got out for a ride at highway speeds with my new drag bars since the...

    Finally got out for a ride at highway speeds with my new drag bars since the weather was nice. My question is that I now notice the forks wobbling about 45 mph. Thought I noticed it with my other bars but thought it was the road. Anyone else have this issue.

    • The simplest things first. Check your air pressure. Low pressure will cause wobble, even more noticeably if the tire is out of balance.

    • Also. Nice Mazdaspeed 3.

    • How old are the tires? Also how long does it sit between rides?

    • If you leave you bike set on the tires in the winter move it around now and then don't let set on the same spot

    • What? I like them. They are sweet cars.

    • you check tire pressue this season tires go well down in PSI over the winter

    • Me and my wife had a 2010 speed 3 it was a fun car

    • Tire pressure is good and not sure how old the tire is on the front. It was on the bike when I bought it but still has a lot of meat on it.

    • Actually surprised both tires havnt lost any air threw the winter.

    • It sat for maybe 2-3 weeks at the most. Winter was fairly mild so I was out on it when I could lol.

    • Thank man. It's definitely a fun car. Don't mind the teeth, that's the results of having a roll of vinyl and being bored lol.

    • Ours was short lived got totaled out within 10 months

    • Damn sorry to hear that. I've had mine for a lil over 2 years now.

    • What are your tire pressures at?

    • 28/29 front and 29/30 in the back.

    • Isn't that a little low? I guess it depends on your weight as well.

    • 29 front and rear is what it calls for. I think the max is 36 in the rear depending on weight