Finally got round to it


Finally got round to it..

Great success!! Manual CCTs fitted, nothing leaks and everything works as it should.Pulls better and is much better round town now I've tweaked the carbs and adjusted the TPS.

Cheers to Ade for the tensioners and guide!! Spot on.

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  • Did you fit 48s Carl, or just play with the fuel screws?

  • Just fuel screws for now, jets havent turned up yet and need the bike tomorrow.

  • See how you go mate, you might be fine with just the adjustments you've made. If it means not pulling the carbs out and taking them apart then take the path of least resistance!

  • Was a bit of a pain but I've never done it before, should be much easier next time! It still splutters a tiny bit but nowhere near the coughs and farts of before.

  • How many turns are you on now?

  • 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 I think? So much else went through my head today I just had a quick look on a carb tuning thread on the forum and whacked them in

  • Give them another half a turn, that is what I was running on 45s - nigh on 3 turns out. Ran beautifully

  • Will do bud. Might get one of them ninety degree screw drivers and do it that way, misses having a baby this week so doubt I'll get 4 hours to tinker in the shed for a while!

  • Lol! Good luck with that mate!!

  • I'm trying to get round to doing mine, got them from Ade as well, got a list of things to do to the Storm, carbs cleaned, balanced, stick coils etc.