Finally got some new rubber Continental 365 anybody got some reviews on these


Finally got some new rubber, Continental 365 anybody got some reviews on these? Wanted to switch it up a bit from my Michelin Power Pures just because they are not that great in the wet and take a good while to get heat in them. Great summer tyres however hope these will be much better all rounders especially in the wet :)

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  • those are snow tires ....

  • All weather tyres :)

  • I use kenda k701, very similar but wear quickly

  • they're great tyres Tudor, on my 2nd set of them :)

  • Look very cool

  • Thanks :) they're prefect for scottish weather lol

  • Aha! Now I remember.

    Really like this pic too.

    Think I can still remember snow

  • What are these like for off roaring light dirt track??

  • surprising pretty good

  • Andrew Scotland ohh good stuff :p

  • Dean Sidlow took mine off roading a few time with them before and they were excellent

  • Amazing tyres. Great choice x

  • They look class!!! You have to tell me how they handle lol

  • I have these, spot on tyres :D William Walker has them too :)

  • Will do review once I get a few miles on them :)

  • Yeah I've got these and they've held up well in the wet not felt a loss in traction in the corners or anything like that, spot on for an all weather tyre

  • 3 or 4 of the lads in our group run them all year and they really rate thinking of getting a set when mine are done

  • Tudor Toma please do a review in a while. I ride on power pures now, love them on hot days....but in the rain .... Not so good...let us know how these new ones ride in the rain

  • I have these fitted. Love them all round (no pun intended) especially in the wet\damp and on salty roads. They do light trails with ease too. Why I fitted them really. Go anywhere you feel like tyres.