Finally had a nice day to take out my 84 VT700 that I had been working on all...


Finally had a nice day to take out my 84 VT700 that I had been working on all winter. Rode for about 20 minutes and notice it was running kind of hot, not quite in the red though, but closer than I remember my 500 running. So I went home and as soon as I stopped, the overflow tank basically puked all the antifreeze out of the tank. What am I dealing with here? Also, when I killed the engine I could hear the filler neck making a squeaking noise.

Flush again? New thermostat? New cap? Head gasket blown?

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  • Thermostat. At worst, head gasket/combustion chamber leak but probably just thermostat.

  • Stuck thermostat possibly

  • Since it's been setting a while that would be the first thing I would do

  • So replace the thermostat or just adjust it?

  • Not sure what your looks like but I don't think there expensive. I would just replace it

  • Anyone have a Honda cross reference for a thermo? The auto ones are like 8 bucks as opposed the the motorcycle ones for 30-40.

  • I had this same issue with my 2006 Sabre recently. I thought it was the cap so I ordered one. But before it arrived, I bought some antifreeze and filled everything and burped the air out a few times and rode the bike and the problem worked itself out. Might have just been an air pocket in the system.

  • I'll try burping the antifreeze again and refilling the overflow tank. If that doesn't work, I found a thread on that said this thermostat fits the 84 VT700: e-control/thermostat/valucraft-thermostat/417241_0 _1632_93207