• Look at the carb!

    • Downdraft! I've often thought that a little Weber downdraft would be fun on these engines.

    • The only reason I doubt that it's a clone is that I don't know if there were any companies back then that had the technology to clone these engines.

    • C110 owners can see the differences better

    • I owned a C110.

    • I read and have seen pics of bikes that were put together with parts from Honda and solid under various names

    • Appears to be semi auto. s90 were manual.

    • Trail 90?

    • Never seen those rear shocks, those turn signals, a downdraft on one or the headlight shell speedo combo. I agree on the knockoff. Tank emblem isn't honda and motor doesn't say honda either.

    • Well yeah, that's basically how the whole clone market happened. Bikes were built under license from Honda. When the license expired the companies retained the designs and / or tooling and kept the factory going and selling under their own name.

    • I agree Shannon Karlc...pic is from Korea...with research one could probably find more about the bike and its orgin...I have never seen one of these before

    • Okay, you guys win. :)

    • The front fender is slightly different at the front also I noticed that the forks have chrome fork caps like the Honda 65

    • He has a horn grill like the C 100

    • Interesting mixture. Carb looks to have the oil-fed warming pipe too, like used on the sidedraught carb on S50/S65.