• Finally started to get wheelies without the clutch in 1st

    Finally started to get wheelies without the clutch in 1st.

    Normally i clutch it up but.its all in the pop:)

    I fucking love this bike

    • I want to see a video of that

    • I'll get the missis to record it for you haha

    • Isn't it almost easier to pop w/o clutch?

    • The more I'm Doing it the better I'm finding it. At the moment it's easier for me to flick the clutch to get the bike up.

    • My bike deffo doesn't have the power to wheelie with no clutch!

    • It does have power to lift it in third with stock engine, stock gearing and a good tehcnique

    • How do you pop?

    • Compress the front shocks and when they are decompressing, arch your body back fast and at the same time give it wot. Speed should be about 60km/h

    • Ok I'll give it a go. So if I throttle off at about 40mph, load the front end then wot and pull back

    • Ye, something like that, probs easier to learn in second gear from something like 50km/h

    • In first I crawl around 11 like Jussi-Pekka Pajula said compress the forks and then literally pop it back haha.