Finished product


Finished product.

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  • What saddlebags are these? They look good

  • Biking Large Cruiser Bags. They are on sale right now. They were recommended by someone on this site. They are great. The large sissy bar bag was on sale also.

  • *Viking

  • Website???

  • They have everything you could possibly need. I am impressed with the quality. They have videos for installation and all the support.

  • First saddlebags I like. Good choice! My bike is just like yours.

  • Viking bags look amazing I also have them

  • I shopped around for luggage. Viking was cost effective, great reviews and easy to install. I really like the leather covered bags, but they have the gloss black painted ones for only like $10 more. The other shadow I had came with the Leatherlyke, which were good, but well over $500. Viking will get my business from here on out.

  • Great choice. Here's my Vt1100c and viking bags