First bike a 2005 spirit with 2500 miles Trying to learn how to ride I have...


First bike a 2005 spirit with 2500 miles. Trying to learn how to ride, I have driven it in my pasture and it has been fun so far. Taking the drivers course in 2 weeks.

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  • Beautiful bike! I have an '02 that is identical.

  • They don't do well on anything but the open road,where they excell. (You'll be rolling in velvet)

  • Stay safe on that offroad stuff. Shes purrty...


  • You'll be good brother.. Just get some exp on your land and get 1st gear down haha.. Good luck

  • Looks great Eddie! I have an 05 VT1100C also! Nicknamed "Ghost"! They are an awesome bike! For oil, I run Lucas 20-50 synthetic for vtwin motors! Best oil I've found, but it is like $9 a quart! Tires, I run Shinko 234s from Motorcycle Superstores! They are a little softer sidewall, but they handle great! Dressed mine up a little on Ebay, for about $300, (bags, trunk, stickers, flags, etc)! Even the helmet I wanted was only $69! Check with Geico for your insurance! Mine is a little over $21 a month with everything!

  • Thank you for the advice. This bike is completely stock from the original owner. It even has the original tires on it. I know I need to get some bags soon. The original owner had it serviced each year but it hasn't had anything else done. I don't know where to begin.

  • Follow your heart, and make it your toy! Work with it, and enjoy it! Ride safe brother!!

  • Right on for taking a course but it really is super easy to ride a bike. The two most important things you need, other than a helmet, are confidence and caution

  • Practice, practice, practice. Try a big empty parking lot. Slow maneuvering is what trips people up.

  • Good luck. Take your time and keep safe! Nice ride btw!

  • Remember this most deaths happen in the first two week and within two blocks of home. Try toalways pay attention to your surroundings and always have an escape route.You'llbe fine Enjoy.

  • My 2003 I put 6 thousand on mine this summer

  • Green is awesome. What kind of saddlebags are those? What kind of fuel mileage do you get?

  • They are fiberglass bags lockable with the brake and turn signals built in the bags you can get them on ebay pretty cheap...

  • I get about 44 miles to the gallon

  • I will have to look for those bags. I know I need to get some.

  • The bags are 59.99 on ebay

  • Are they generic or for shadows? I will go look for them.

  • Just look up saddle bags for motorcycles

  • Thank you

  • No prob Im going back to regular bags I dont like them

  • Cant carry shit in them

  • I never had any so I don't know what to look for. I just thought they looked good.

  • They are sharp and the built in lights are cool