First long ride with friends. From Patras to Tripoli and back. Greece

First long ride with friends ....From Patras to Tripoli and back...#Greece

  • Hey...can you explan us...what's up with the headlights for the cbf in the right?

  • It belongs to a friend. From what I know he "cut" the headlights in half and installed projectors..

  • Well..that's interesting...and never seen it here...we shall here more about :D

  • I will ask him more about it and tell you the info...

  • Just make a new's interesting...and looks good...wondering if it's better in the night...

  • AIt is much has full light and it is beautiful too!!

  • Low and high beam for both sides?

  • Of course! Xenon lamps at both sides and selection on -off for both.

  • That's nice...

  • Tripoli Lebanon or Tripoli Peloponnesus :)

  • Tripoli Peloponnesus! Greece