First of many tweaks I m sure. I ve changed the MPG to points for mods

First of many tweaks I'm sure. I've changed the MPG to points for mods. Just send me your best 1:1 scale photo and you'll be in it when they all get made

  • how do we measure handling, skill, stance, points, etc?

  • I think CC should be in there some where.

  • Handling is down to how well you can control your bike. Skill is combined with a few things like control and how well you can keep control of your bike while doing stunts. Stance is purely how good your bike looks when on the stand. Points for mods are measured by 3 points for engine and performance 2 points for looks and fairing changes and 1 point for anything else :) hope I've answered everything :)

  • ought to be an extra point for bbks up to 190cc, and extra 2 point for over 190cc (i.e. long stroke of case-bore motors). The extra points reflect the expense and effort put in ;)

  • handling/skill sound a bit similar though. Maybe have 'experience' in terms of miles and licences aquired (like Gran Turismo), and handling/skills for stunts and ride outs etc.

  • Experience: 1 point for 0-5000 miles, 1 point for 5-10,000 miles, 3 points for over 10,000 miles, 1 point for MSX rideout with over (say) 10 MSXs, and another point for full licence

  • Handling/skills: 1 point for stoppie, another point for slides/backing it in, another for wheelies, one for over 400 miles in a day, and maybe one more for getting past 85mph.

  • that sort of jazz me thinks.

  • Jesus your making it complicated aha

  • I'm going to have another go at it tomorrow. I'll see what I can do

  • I gotta think up a few ways I can score a point ;)

  • Have you got a pic of your Grom? So you can be in it

  • For the categories:



    Money spent on mods

    Top Speed


  • Awaiting pic of Gavin's Grom

  • Yep... Does he even have one? Lol

  • He did.. Probably still has it

  • No, it got ran over on the motorway at 70mph by a van. It's destroyed

  • A lot of us have 125 stock engines but the top speed will vary a bit so I'll take that one! Cheers

  • Oi! I've still got the important parts I'll have you know. VIN on the headstock and the little chassis plate, the front end.... and the 215cc engine kit :D Just waiting for funds to build a new one.

  • Been having a think on this today during a couple of boring tasks at work. Rather than pre-assigning star ratings based on certain features (which could end up with loads of people being 5* etc), the most scientific way to do things is to be comparitive. For example, for mods there would be a point per suitable mod, and maybe special mods would gain you extra points. Every one submits their full list of mods. Then the top 20% get 5*, the next 20% get 4* etc. Keeps it nice and fair. Plus it means we don't need to work it all out in advance, can base it on the responses given. I don't have much to do in the evenings at the moment, so I'm more than willing to handle the statistcs if other people come up with the options etc. Oh, and there should be a short summary of the bike on the card too.

  • That's very kind of you Gavin. I'll let you know how you can help

  • Change the back ground on them the gromlins logo looks shit

  • I will be :)

  • Any suggestions?

  • I'd just go for a plain one personally for a smooth look

  • I'll try that

  • You can't use other people's photos James you fucking moron

  • There mine bitch finders keepers

  • You're too easy to insult so I'm not going to bother publicly humiliating you

  • It's just a back ground image it's not like this is going to sell world wide

  • He could make millions stop killing a mans dream!

  • It's still in the process of being made for start and secondly just chucking out ideas coz you said simple you mute. Stop hatin