First off anyone in the market for a 350x piston It was in the machine for all...


First off anyone in the market for a 350x piston? It was in the machine for all of 1 week, and removed, its in perfect shape.

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  • well stock is 81 mm

  • yeah, I think my current bore is 81.5mm I can't remember if the guy I bought the machine from said the piston was put in before or after the bore I'm inclined to think it was before, then he decided to bore it and put the wisco 12-1..

  • the 12-1 is a bad ass looking piston makes some power,but hard to kick same times,makes you want a koki electric starter kit

  • I'D KILL SOMEONE for the electric start. It's decent, a good mild build, pared with a pipe, cam, and 400ex carb. I'm hoping it will rip..

  • if I measured corectly, the piston measures 83.82mm if that helps to figure out what it would be for the bore.

  • no idea

  • 81mm is 3.188967"-----83.82 is 3.29999" so that would be .111" over size,dont know about that

  • but piston size and bore size is very different

  • I know, I can't put it together, the hardest thing about buying an already built machine is figuring out what you really have going on, and with the individual i purchased from being older, and having about 15 different machines he was building couldn't quite remember the exact specs for this machine, just knew that he did bore it.

  • have to get out the caliper's