First ride on the new mustang seat 2 hours and no tailbone pain Smooth...


First ride on the new mustang seat!! 2 hours and no tailbone pain. Smooth transaction with Mike Cruiser. World of difference between this and the stock saddle.

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  • Haven't had a passenger yet

  • My wife loved it. She'd only complain after about 3 hours.

  • Then we'd stop for 20 minutes and she'd be fine for another few hours.

  • we did a 14 hour day on the way to colorado from michigan and never had abit of problem with the seat...even my bride didnt complain...

  • How much did it cost if you don't mind me asking. Looking to get one and want to know how much to save

  • I don't think you'll find the deal he got. Haha. He gave me his stock seat and $350 for the seat and backrest. I paid over $600 for that set.

  • Lol. Well that's awesome at least now I know what the price point that I should be looking at is thank you

  • You can get the seat brand new for $450ish. The backrest is a cobra. It was about $200

  • Mustangs are a must on a bike. Your ass will thank you.

  • Now I got 2 mustangs

  • I like this one