First time I ve ever taken both hands off the bars got a violent wobble but as...

First time I've ever taken both hands off the bars got a violent wobble but as soon as I touched the bars again smooth as silk?

  • I think I'll try bearings couldn't hurt.

  • yeas its a common problem on both the maggy and the sabre, but more because these are 30+yr old bikes, that for the most part,no one has done the scheduled maintenance , and as far as the fork brace, yeah, thats a factory issue, bad workmenship,cheap material

  • you can go here to get them, C_c_196.html ;)

  • The steering head bearings might not need replacement, just tightening. I know that the OEM bearings in my '83 750 Magna are tapered. If they get loose the races can walk out of their recess and get cocked a little, though that has never happened to me. Bit I regularly check my bearings and adjust as necessary. If you feel a "notch" in their movement, replace them. I installed a grease nipple on the steering head, so I don't have to take it apart to re-grease them. The whole steering head is now packed with grease because of the nipple, and a few shots re-grease both upper and lower.

  • So there are Magnas that do not shake at all when you take both hands off the bars? Jeff is yours good? Just curious, I've never had a bike do the shake with no hands, but was told it was normal, not to worry, now you have me second guessing it.

  • My Magna does the same thing... I installed the fork brace.. It helped some. But still shakes.

  • My Magna wobbles bad... My Sabre hardly at all. I thought the difference was the tires. The Magna has Pirelli on it with a wavy siped line right down the center of the tire-- figured that was the cause. Check your tires for cupping, pressure, and tread pattern. (Sabre has Michelin bias on it-- little if any wobble)

  • I think it has more to do with the long forks and the trac system than the tires

  • Headshake can be caused by many _many_ things. The most common are - head bearings, tire pressure issues, fork issues and rear suspension bushing issues. Or - a combination of any or all of them. That's why it is so very important to keep your bike in top nick.

  • I can take my hands off the bars on my V45 and leave them off all the way up until the speed drops too low...