• Firstly i am no mechanic. So here is a stupid question

    Firstly i am no mechanic. So here is a stupid question.

    Should there be a pin at the end of the front wheel spindle?

    • Yeah. And when you t a key it out. Lock that side down and squeeze the forks into the spacers real good. If you don't you will have play in the front end. Hope that helped

    • Pictures pictures pictures is always a good idea for the not so mechanically inclined folks.

    • If you arnt a mechanic...even if u r really...What's wrong with asking a question like that?...nothing! However I too am not a mechanic and do not know the answer...hahaha

    • Lol. As a mechanic i learned from non mechanics from aerospace elec engineers and from other mechs. You know where i learned from these people. RIGHT HERE!!!! No quest is silly when your sincere when you ask. Great people great rides great info. Wish more of you lived in nyc.

    • No there is no pin,if there was one it would be at the other end where the bolt is.

    • The holes are there to assist with the removal of the axle bolt by inserting another tool in the holes and rotating back and forth. You could hang a gremlin bell there when it is given to you by a friend.

    • No pin needed, it is a shoulder bolt

    • I recommend a Clymer repair manual. It has detailed pictures on everything. We bought ours from Amazon

    • Thanks to all that replied

    • Nope

    • I did Carl moved to warmer climate