Fixed the charging system they said


Fixed the charging system they said!

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  • Good Joke. What do they charge, if they really fix something.

  • Im going for an extended warranty claim. Fingers crossed.

    I dont want to pay £99 per hour labour.

  • Im not sure they have ever really fixed something?

  • Bryan, why are you still a Honda owner after all the nonsense you have experienced?

  • When it works it works well and its the best bike ive owned!

  • And im a stubborn old twat that dosent mind a bit of conflict;-)

  • Possibly the same here mate:-) Nothing is perfect in this world & what a boring place it would be without problems. I enjoy my Honda & know it is the right bike for me. Nuff said.

  • Time to let go Bry :0(

  • Get yourself round to Peasmarsh Bry. Fat boy comes to mind!

  • With all the trimmings