Flipping love my H2C luggage rack from gavin jap4performance Really liking...

Flipping love my H2C luggage rack from gavin@(jap4performance). Really liking how my bike is looking!

  • Looking sweet mate,

  • Where's the top box ? :)

  • Asif Khetab I've got a givi but it looks HUGE on it so gonna go retro and tie stuff down and use a cargo net.

  • how much are they i only want one so i can carry back end lol

  • Gavin did it for £41 delivered bargain!

  • What exhaust?

  • Hawk gp and it sounds loooooooooooooooow

  • Any video?

  • Matthew Oakley nope but I'll try and get something filmed soon for ya. Definitely glad I bought it rather than a yoshi - everyone and their mums has a yoshi

  • we have the same taste

  • That is sweet! Love the colour scheme.

  • Plus just noticed you have a fender extender - I've just bought one. How did you fix it on

  • thanks Ryan love the look of your seat, may have to give Gave a call in the morning, they just stick under the mud guard, i put some extra 3M tape on & a dab of super glue so it is stuck tight, some people screw them through the mud gaurd , but i am not to keen on that look

  • How much does it increase the width of the bike? Tempted.

  • None at all, same width as bike is.

  • Does this help

  • Yeah cheers I'll deffo get one soonish. Easy to install?

  • So simple. Just unscrew the 4 bolts and put it on. It comes with 4 longer bolts than the stock ones that hold the ski slope on. 5 minute job.

  • What bag is that?

  • its a givi

  • Paint the wheels red

  • thanks is it this one? http://www.givi.co.uk/soft-bag s/Tank-Bags/EA106B Only similar one I could find on their website.

  • yes thats the one, i only paid £20 for my one as it had been in my friends bike shop for ages