Fly by on my 344 R

Fly by on my 344 R

  • I thought it sounded a bit weak hitting top gear. I figured geared taller

  • What do you mean

  • I ride trike tho , I can go 15-36 and it still wheelie sitting down In 6th

  • That's a big steep hill I came up,

  • Cool. camera doesn't show that

  • Yes it don't soon as I go out of site it drops straight down, but I need more hearing tho, first threw 3 Gos go by super quick,

  • Everyone else with these types of setup run at least 14 or like you 15

  • Can't wait for weather to change, get the jetting back on, it's rich as hell, but one thing like with cr igition it will pull threw being rich, my stock igition would fall flat on its face, in that much of temp swing, one of better upgrades I've done by far

  • Little Rich isn't steep...Brian Shaffer i sent you a friend request, I live in Parsons and have the same quads you have

  • It's rich the hill was steep