For all who knew and loved Vee Vtr can I just say the fact so many fellow...


For all who knew and loved Vee Vtr, can I just say, the fact so many fellow bikers n friends alike raised a staggering amount ITRO £5000 in a week stuns me.. AMAZING effort and unbloodybelievable! It totally restores my faith in humanity and just goes to show how we can all pull together in times of a crisis for a family to help them in their hour of need. God bless every single one of you and I would like to say thank you for all who pm'd me for an address to send a card. I think the family were overwhelmed beyond words.. Truly magnificent guys and girls, you should all be extremely proud and stand tall come Friday..Just shows you how much Martin touched the lives of so many... well done!! Mrs Leylands car is now tax'd n insured and back on the road so she has wheels to get around!

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  • Us bikers always stand together in the hour of need

  • As John 'pinkyfloyd' Christopher says, that is without the sticker sale yet!! I did see some nice Vee decals on one or two screens and front guards etc..very tasteful..

  • Wow impressive amount collected !